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These new AR15 lower receiver milling adapters allow you to remove the material from the fire control area in AR type lower receivers.  The adapters are sold as sets.  One adapter allows you to drill the hole locations and the other adapter allows you to remove the material using your drill press.  With these adapters you can remove the material from the fire control pocket as well as the shelf inside the fire control pocket.  The adapters have a hard anodized coating that is gray in color (shades of gray may vary).  This hard anodize finish give the aluminum adapters very good wear resistance.  

The milling adapters can be used to finish AR15, AR10 / DPMS (0.308), and AR45 style lower receivers.  They have also been used to successfully complete Kevin's new 80% AR15 lower receivers.  Kevin has made it easier to complete an 80% lower receiver by leaving the fire control area solid, drilling most of the side holes and tapping the buffer tube hole.  Visit the tutorial for more details on how to finish Kevin's new 80%'ers.  You can get more details about Kevin's 80%'ers further down this page.  Also visit the tutorial for details on how to modify your older style AR15 drilling jig so the adapter kit will work with it.

Included with each adapter kit:

- (2) adapters

- (4) bolts to secure the adapters to the drilling jig

- 3/8 solid carbide endmill American Made

- Quick start instruction guide  

- NOTE: The AR15 drilling jig is sold separately.  


Drills needed:

1/8 Drill - # 60221413

3/8 Drill - # 81181240

7/16 Drill - #60221611

1/2 Drill (Optional) - #00647511


Get ordering info at the top of the page.  Prices are in the order form.



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If you want a super easy and error free way of cutting the trigger slot in your lower receiver then you need the trigger slot milling adapter plate.  This adapter plate works just like the above milling adapter kit for the fire control pocket.  You simply drill through the guided holes, flip the plate around and then use the slot in the plate to guide the included endmill to the exact location.  Visit the bottom of this tutorial for more information on how to use this adapter plate.  This adapter plate kit isn't absolutely necessary to finish a 80% lower but it will make your life easier.

Included with each adapter kit:

- trigger slot milling adapter plate

- special ground 1/4" solid carbide endmill American Made

- Quick start instruction guide 


Drills needed:

Letter "L" Drill #01189125


Note:  The fire control pocket needs to be finished before using this adapter.


Get ordering info at the top of the page.  Prices are in the order form.


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The original CNC machined setup blocks / drill guide for completing your 0% - 80% (casting or forged) AR15 lower receiver. The blocks have a black anodized finish.  I enjoy helping people get started in this hobby, so let me know if you ever have any questions. YOU WILL NOT FIND THIS KIND OF SUPPORT ANYWHERE ELSE!!!

A great deal of research and design time was put into these blocks to make sure they were as user friendly as possible. These blocks will help hold the receiver flat and square while you finish the work needed to get your receiver machined into a firearm.  The blocks are machined to mil-spec standards, so every hole is right on the money.  The jig includes the drilled and tapped holes for the optional milling adapter kits (listed above).  


Using this jig is as easy as 1-2-3; (1) Place the blocks on both sides of the receiver and loosely tighten the two bolts, (2) Put the assembly upside down on the edge of a flat table and use another flat surface to make sure the back of the receiver is coincident with the back surface of the blocks ~this step is for locational purposes~ (these two location surfaces must be to finish specs before use), (3) Then simply tighten the bolts and you are ready to drill the side holes or do any other work that needs to be done on your receiver.

Bolt Catch Hole and Buffer Tube Area

This AR-15 jig will also aid you in drilling the bolt catch hole as well. Simply slide the block with the slots (as seen in the photo) over the receiver and clamp them together with a C-clamp and you are ready to drill the bolt catch hole, nice and straight without worrying about a crooked hole and ruined lower. To get the pistol grip hole finished just slide the pistol grip onto the receiver and mark where the hole should be drilled. Then place a 2 " block under the receiver (as shown) to easily drill the pistol grip hole. This way of drilling the hole is by far the easiest method.

You can also use this AR15 jig to make sure you get that tricky buffer tube area drilled and tapped the first time. These blocks will even help you drill the front detent pin and any other work on top or bottom of the receiver. The jig is so EASY to use, that you can finish out your receiver using little more than a cordless drill with the proper drill bits. No matter what side of the receiver you need to machine or drill, these setup blocks will insure you hold your receiver flat and square every time. The blocks have a black anodized finish, so you will be able to use these blocks many times.  This is the same mil-spec anodized finish that the military uses, so you know it will last a very long time.  

The blocks are shipped with a quick start instruction sheet to assist you in using your blocks for the first time. You can also view the tutorial at this link CNC Gunsmithing Jig Tutorial.

This AR15 jig will save you time and money.  No more trashing a receiver because you drilled a hole off position or at an angle. This is a must have for finishing an AR-15 receiver the EASY WAY!  Get yours today.

Get ordering info at the top of the page.  Prices are in the order form.


Proudly Manufactured by:

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I guarantee this AR15 jig is the very best tool you will find anywhere. These have been tested and used to actually complete the receiver pictured.  I designed and made these for beginner and professional home gun smiths and all who have used my tooling has nothing but positive comments! 

NOTICE: All products and photos contained herein are the property of jwh02017, and are copyrighted (patent in progress). The copying of these images and/or reproduction of the products in any form are strictly prohibited without written consent from jwh02017. All violators will be charged to the fullest extent of US Copyright, Patent and/or Trademark laws.

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Due to the increase interest of the .308 AR rifle, I have developed an AR10 / DPMS (.308) drill jig.  No longer will you have to modify your AR15 jig in order to complete a .308 AR lower receiver.  The AR10 jig is based on the exact same concept as my AR15 jig so you can reference the AR15 tutorial at the top of the page for details on how to use the jig.  Please also reference the AR10 blueprint for holes that differ from the AR15 lower receivers.

The AR10 jig will work perfectly with my AR10 lower receivers.  However, if you are wanting to complete a DPMS style lower receiver, then you need to note the following.  The front and rear take down pins and the bolt catch detent hole are not in the exact same location on the DPMS and the AR10 style lowers.  In order to drill the hammer and trigger holes, use the proper size drill or gauge and insert them into the selector hole and mag catch hole of the jig and receiver.  With these two reference points, you can then drill the hammer and trigger holes.  See GEN2 mod below for the newest AR10 drill jig that more easily accepts DPMS style lowers.

The AR15 milling adapter kits will work perfectly with this .308 jig. So it is now just as easy to remove the material from the AR10 and DPMS lowers as what it has been with the AR15 lowers.

GEN2 mod (see below)

I've updated the drill jig so it's now easier to use DPMS style lowers with the jig.  The right side of the jig now has 2 extra take down holes and they are marked DPMS ONLY (see pic below).  These 2 holes are only to be used with DPMS style lower receivers. To locate a DPMS style lower in the jig, simply take a couple 308 style take down pins (not included) and insert them from the back side into the holes marked DPMS ONLY.  Then locate the receiver on the pins and clamp the other side of the jig. (see pic below). Please note the Armalite and DPMS take down pins do no line up.  If you are using an Armalite style lower then you must ignore the 2 holes marked DPMS ONLY.  The 308 take down pins are larger diameter and longer than standard AR15 take down pins.  If you don't currently have the take down pins, then you can substitute them with the proper size drills or dowel pin.


Reference the image below for the difference between Armalite and DPMS style 308 lower receivers.  Armalite has 2 different 308 designs.  The AR-10B which accepts M14 style mags and the AR-10A which accepts pmag style mags.

Get ordering info at the top of the page.  Prices are in the order form.

locks clamps mag magazine magazines rif

le .223 5.56


Be sure to check out the tutorials on how to use the cncguns jigs to complete an AR15 80% lower receiver.  You might also find the answer to your question on the forum under the FAQ section.  If you still can't find the answer to your question, feel free to contact me.


I have put together a list of the drills/tap you will possibly need to purchase in order to complete your receiver.  I don't sell these tools since you will be able to buy them cheaper from MSC  Below you will see the part number of each tool.  You may not need every tool listed below so be sure to check the tutorials for the exact tools you will need.

1/4 Drill - # 60221496

5/32 Drill - # 81181109  

13/64 Drill - # 60221462

3/8 Drill - # 81181240

1/8 Drill - # 60221413

#42 Aircraft Extension Drill - # 01008424

1 1/8 Drill - # 01341080 #40 Drill - # 01148402
1/4 - 28 Tap - #04460309 1/2 Drill - # 01380328

1 3/16 -16 Tap - # 04863155

#3 Drill - # 01388032

Letter L Drill - #01189125

I buy all the tooling for my shop from MSC.  They have great quality and service.  I would highly recommend using them instead of buying from somebody that is reselling the tools to complete the AR-15 receiver. 

AR-15 Receivers


Terms and Conditions

All products and photos contained herein are the property of cncguns, and are copyrighted and/or trademarked.  The copying of these images are/or reproduction of my products in any form is strictly prohibited without my written consent.  All violators will be charged to the fullest extent of US Copyright and Trademark laws.  Although I've had great using these jigs, they come with no warranties or guarantees.  I am in no way responsible for what is done with these jigs or what they are used to make.  Prior approval is needed before any product is returned.  There are no returns or refunds after 30 days from purchase date.  There may be a restocking fee up to 25% on any returned products.  Shipping charges can not be refunded.  Any returned product must be in perfect unused condition.