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ATTENTION!! As of 08-17-2022
Due to Joe Biden and the other Democrats further destroying our country's freedoms,
I no longer sell any jigs or 80% lowers.

Also because of the Democrats,
I no longer ship any 100% lowers to the states listed below.

New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
Washington D.C.
Washington state

AR jigs

I currently have the jigs in stock. Because of the chaos in the AR market, it's taking me about a week or so to process and ship packages. To finish any 80% AR15 lower or my 80% HK416 clone lower, you will need my AR15 drill jig and the milling adapter kit. The trigger slot kit is optional but it does make life easier.  Here's a link to the jig order form.... CLICK HERE  The prices can be found in the order form.

Here's a link to the jigs for your reference... http://www.cncguns.com/tooling.html

And here is a link to my tutorials showing how to use the jigs and everything you will need... http://www.cncguns.com/projects/ar15lower80tutorial.html

The milling adapter kit and the trigger slot kit will fit both the AR15 and AR10 drill jigs.  

I will email you the tracking number when it ships.  After you expect I have received your payment, please allow 4 to 5 days to pass before asking if I've received your payment.  Mostly likely I have received it and I'm in the process of shipping it out.

HK416 clone lowers

I have finished the 80% HK416 clone lower receivers.  I still have a few extras if you would like to get one, but don't delay because they won't last long.  Please visit this link for ordering info. CLICK HERE  The 80% HK416 lowers have a tumbled finish.  I bead blasted the lower in the top pic to show what they look like after a simple bead blasting.  The pics below are the progress pics.

I machine the HK416 lowers from billet aluminum so it takes a long time to machine all the fine details. The reason forged AR15 lowers are cheaper is because the part is already in the basic shape of a lower before they start making any cuts.... whereas I start out with a block of metal. 

There are only cosmetic differences between the AR15 and the HK416 lowers. You can use any AR15 lower parts in the HK416 lower and you can even use AR15 upper assemblies with the HK416 lower. The real difference between the two rifles comes in the actual upper assembly. The HK416 is piston operated which makes it run cleaner. The guys that get my HK416 clones are those who are wanting to build a true HK416 clone rifle. There is no other clone on the market that is closer to the actual HK416 than what mine is.

Below are some example pics showing a 80% HK416 lower that I bead blasted, black anodized, paint filled and laser engraved.  Please note, I do not sell the lowers as shown below...

AR45 lowers

For a limited time the AR45 lowers are on SALE!!!  See ORDER FORM for pricing.

The 80% and 100% AR45 lowers are currently in stock.  Here's a link to the ORDER FORM.  Be sure to email me when sending payment  justin@cncguns.com  The 100% AR45 lowers are $412 shipped to your FFL and the 80% AR45 lowers are $312 shipped to your door.  The 100% AR45 lowers are bead blasted and hard black anodized.  The 80% AR45 lowers are raw aluminum.  Both style lowers come with the special AR45 mag catch.  You can use any standard AR15 lower parts kit and buttstock assembly with the AR45 lower receiver.  More info about the AR45 can be found in this link... CLICK HERE  

Below is a pic of what the 100% AR45 lowers look like.


Below is a pic of what the 80% AR45 lowers look like.

AR10 lowers

For a limited time the AR10 lowers are on SALE!!! See ORDER FORM for pricing.

The 80% AR10 lowers (Armalite style) are in stock.  The progress pics can be seen below. The lowers have a bead blasted finish (see above pic).  These lowers are similar to other 80% lower receivers on the market except the mag well is not cut.  The mag well needs to be cut with a wire EDM and I don't have access to one of those.  Kevin at DIYGUNS can cut the mag well for you.  Please contact him for details on cutting the mag well.  I can ship directly to Kevin if you are going to have him cut the mag well for you.  My AR10 / 308 drill jig and adapter kits will work perfectly with this lower.  Jig payments must be made out separately from the lower.  Click HERE for the jig order form.  The lowers are $250 each plus a flat rate of $10 shipping.  Be sure to email me when sending payment  justin@cncguns.com

Please click HERE for the order form.  


Email me with any questions: justin@cncguns.com


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