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*** This is a mass emailing. You are receiving this email because your name is on the list for the next run of 80% HK416 clone lower receivers. This will be the one and only mass emailing***

I am now accepting payments for the 80% HK416 clone lower receivers. The lowers are $380 each plus a flat rate of $10 UPS shipping. The shipping will include insurance and signature confirmation. The lowers will be raw aluminum with a tumbled finish, similar to the way raw AR15 forgings look. The selector markings will be engraved. The mag well will be broached. I will include the laser engraving file so you can have your local trophy shop laser engrave the lower for you. I believe US Anodizing can anodize the lower for you once you finish the machining. Here is a pic of what they will look like... http://www.cncguns.com/images/HK416%20Clone%2011%20percent%20final-1.jpg Please note, I will not be able to anodize or laser engrave the lower for you. 

The normal process to finish the lower is to finish the cuts to bring it to 100% machined, then bead blast and Type III Class 2 hard black anodize the lower. Once the lower is anodized, then you can take it to your local trophy shop and they will be able to laser engrave the supplied markings. They should have no problems doing the laser engraving since I provide details pictures with dimensions. The final step is to paint fill the selector markings. I personally used paint markers from McMaster-Carr.... http://www.mcmaster.com/#fill-in-paint/=lfo781 You simply work the paint stick into the engraving and then use some mineral oil to wipe off the excess. You will of course need white and red paint for the selector markings.

You can use my AR15 jigs and follow my AR15 tutorials to help you finish the HK416 clone lower. To finish the HK416 clone lower, you will need my AR15 drill jig and milling adapter kit. The trigger slot kit is optional, but it does make life easier. Here's the link to the jig... http://www.cncguns.com/tooling.html And here's the link to the tutorials... http://www.cncguns.com/projects/ar15lower80tutorial.html Please place a separate order for the jigs, this way I can ship the jigs to you sooner plus it will be easier for me to process and ship the lowers once they are ready to go. 

I'm only accepting payments for these lowers until roughly the end of February, I will post the official cutoff date when time gets closer. After that, this group buy will be closed. I will try to make a few extra lowers, but giving the condition of the current firearm market, I doubt they will be in stock long. The completion date will depend on the exact number of lowers I will be machining. I'm estimating it will take 2 months to finish the machining. Then I will send the lowers out to be broached. I've given my broach company a heads up on this incoming order so hopefully these won't have to wait in line long. I can only run the gun stuff after my normal "day job" so I will be continuing to work some very long hours during the week and weekends to get these done as quickly as possible.

This will be the only mass emailing. You can check for updates on my "news" page here... http://www.cncguns.com/news.html I will also try to keep my facebook page up to date as well... https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cncguns/279061088785014?sk=wall 

Please fill out the order form and mail it with payment. You can click in the fields of the order form to fill it out and then print. Here is the link to the order form.... http://www.cncguns.com/downloads/PO/HK416%2080%20percent%20order%20form.pdf

The government may soon no longer allow law abiding citizens to own these firearms, so this might be the last time I get to produce these lowers. It is not a problem if you want to increase your order from what you originally told me, just simply indicate how many you want on the order form.

I'm currently swamped with emails so there is no need to reply to this email unless you have a question that needs to be replied to right away. As the order form indicates, please write HK on the bottom left of the envelope so I can more easily sort the orders when they come in. Please allow at least a week or two before asking if I have received your payment. I will do my best to email you when I receive the payment. I appreciate your patience and understanding during these crazy times.


I appreciate your patience and understanding during these crazy times.

Email me with any questions: justin@cncguns.com


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