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Re: Improv fal and hk rec.
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223 didn't exist when the FAL was designed.

correct, my bad. it was designed fro an intermediate cart though. wiki says 7.92x33. not that they havent been wrong before.

funny thing, looking it up, i got the 223 page to see when it was developed. it claims it was developed in 1950 (fal was 47) this is what it continued to say:

The .223 Remington was developed specifically for the Armalite AR-15, a version of which later became the U.S. military's M16 rifle.

then, when you look up "armalite ar-15", you see:

Production history
Designer    Eugene Stoner
Designed    1957
Manufacturer    ArmaLite, Colt, see Manufacturers

soooo.... a cartridge was designed in 1950, specifically for a rifle that wasnt even designed until 7 years later?? ??  ???