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1911 Build Class
« on: March 05, 2018, 08:18:43 AM »
Deep River Customs is now hosting a 1911 custom build class at Montgomery Community College Gunsmithing School, May 13-19, 2018.

The Deep River Customs 1911 custom build course will give provide students with instruction on the theory and specific steps necessary to complete their own custom 1911 handgun. The class will consist of lecture, demonstrations, and hands-on training from a full-time professional gunsmithing instructor and professional gunsmiths.

Emphasis is placed on the design and function theory of the 1911 style handgun as a basis for a logical approach to custom pistolsmithing practices. Rather than simply memorizing a series of steps, students will be encouraged to “think their way” through problems based on a thorough understanding of the firearm.

Students perform vital operations such as fitting of the slide to frame, precision barrel fitting for utmost accuracy, modifications for reliability, trigger work, fitting of grip and thumb safeties, fitting of sights, and shooting for accuracy and reliability. Theory necessary for understanding of each of the mechanical interactions that make each of these steps possible will be stressed throughout the course.

Students will leave armed not only with a complete custom 1911 pistol, but with a greater understanding of what makes this design tick, as well as knowledge of the tools and operations necessary to produce a one of a kind masterpiece.

More info here:
Deep River Customs