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AR45 at Knob Creek
« on: April 12, 2017, 10:31:18 AM »
I was at the Knob Creek Subgun Nationals this passed weed for the Spring shooting competition. Haven't been very competitive in the last year and a half, due to recuperation from a slight case of Cancer. Caught it early and its gone for now but getting back to running and gunning has been a long road, but happy to be able to travel it.

My deepest Thanks to Rudy the Mad Machinest from Macon Armory. Who's superior uppers function flawlessly, For my AR 45 and My wife's Shorty 9 mm upper on her Quarter Circle 10 Glock mag lower.

The COF:
Your subgun and mag staged at pos 2 at position 1 pick up an unknown bolt action ,223 cal rifle take 1 shot each on 2 targets 50 yards away . Oh wait you dont get a sight picture and it had iron sights.

At pos 2 load your subgun clear the stage through the window the pepper popper activates the teeter totter with 4 targets one round to neutralize 2 second window to shoot them.

At pos 3 engage all 14 targets steel mus fall to be defeated (as on all stages unless noted) Some targets a directly behind others!

At pos 4 shoot all pepper poppers some are set heavier than others

Pos 5 is on the run from pos 6 as you leave 4 one small whit torso steel target will come into view behind a large red no shoot torso 2 shots on the target to defeat it. before you begin 6 another white torso steel target becomes visible 2 round to defeat.

Pos 6 dueling tree targets start on the right of the tree shoot them all to the left once done shoot them back to the right then engage the two long range target to that you shot with the rifle but using your subgun now at 37 yard distance, one shot each to ring/swing the steel

My results for the 2017 Knob Creek Subgun Nationals:
23rd out of 33    Closed Bolt Irons       AR 45
10 out of 28       Closed Bolt Optics     AR 45
33 out of 37       Open Bolt Irons.         Spitfire 9mm
3rd out of 36      Open Bolt Optics       Spitfire .45
8 out of 25         Unlimited.                   Spitfire .45 w green laser

Yup, 3rd place came with a plaque and a check$$$.

I placed 10th

She placed 5th