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Hi gang
« on: July 23, 2015, 08:11:46 AM »
I thought I should introduce myself.

I am know as Mongo on most websites.

I am a Mechanical Engineer with 25 yrs experience.

I have worked in the petrochemical industry and the firearms industry.

  • GDS Engineers/SNC Lavalin Mechanical Engineer May 1989 - June 2010
    Petrochemical engineering
  • Victor Armaments/ CZ BRNO Mechanical Engineer January 1995 - May 2001
    Designer of the V22 conversion for the AR15/M16 and designer of a finalist in the Mk46 Machine gun contest.
  • Advanced Armament Company Mechanical Engineer April 2005 - June 2010
    Suppressor design and accessory design support - contract basis
  • Remington thru AAC Mechanical Engineer January 2010 - June 2010
    General firearms design - contract basis
  • Master Piece Arms Mechanical Engineer September 2010 - April 2014
    Mechanical engineering and design support for firearms and suppressors - contract
  • Combat Technologies Mechanical Engineer January 2011 -
    Mechanical engineering and design support for firearms and firearms accessories - contract
  • Double D Armory Mechanical Engineer April 2013 -
    Mechanical Engineer and designer for firearms and firearm accessories - contract

I am always looking for actual manufacturing blueprints for weapons. I am willing to trade blue prints with others who have blueprints I want.  I am also interested in soildworks models of firearms that are accurate and not picture pretty stuff. Rarely I will trade SW models if there is something I really want.

I am into machine guns, especially if they are rare or unique.

My GrabCAD account:

My Youtube page:

My homepages: and
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Firearms Engineer for hire on piece work basis.
No job is too expensive :)