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My Beowulf 50
« on: February 01, 2013, 07:37:50 PM »

My Beowulf. I did the Duracoat tiger, and added a grip pod, laser, and replaced the A3 upper with an A2. I like carry handle and don't need a scope with the Wulf. I had to open the A2 extraction port a bit, but it works nice. I have an old SP1 lower on it right now, but will be replacing that with an anodized 80% that I am finishing. More photos when I get her to her final configuration. I have other plans for my SP1 lower... I bought one of those M16A1 kits from SG, and am going to return the SP1 to her original condition with a new barrel. (I shot out the old one...)

The pistol under the Beowulf I also did the Dura on. It is a 556 pistol, with EOTEC. It also works nice. This was one of my 80% lowers from Kevin. I bought the pin keepers kit from Model 1, and they work really nice to keep the pins lined up well. This is my "Truck gun" so they help with vibration. Enjoy! GROG

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Re: My Beowulf 50
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Like the Duracoat