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Forum Agreement / Rules
« on: June 14, 2007, 01:32:16 AM »
We want to keep this site/forum as user friendly as possible so the rules will be pretty lax until stricter rules will be needed, which we hope will never come.

Respect Others - different opinions are completely acceptable, as are debates, but keep it professional, gentlemen.

Keep It Legal - there will be no tolerance for any type of illegal activities or even the suggestion of such.  If the subject matter is of a questionable nature, then you probably know the answer.  Do not use this board in any facet of supplying any type of illegal link regardless of to what it is.  If it is illegal, take it somewhere else.

Please respect these rules, in fact we won't even call them rules, more of a virtual handshake to keeping it professional and above board.  We are men that still believe that a handshake and a person's word mean something, lets bring that attitude to this excellent forum.

The Admins