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Damascus Steel Blanks
« on: March 18, 2014, 03:07:39 AM »
 I am a newbie here, from Australia.  Personal interest is 1911's due to tight legal restrictions in Australia on what guns we can have.

I am going to put a seperate post up in another section, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in purchasing damascus blocks for machining slides, frames etc as we can provide large billets to suit. 

We can provide almost any style of damascus you would like and can provide it in standard gun safe grades of stainless or other as specified to suit.  The damascus we would prefer to do is the ornate style commonly found in knife's and not the zebra look that is the norm provided.

We can provide blanks either heat treated or raw, and external surface either raw or lightly etched to expose the grain for milling orientation.

I would be keen to get an idea of how interested people would be for this product and potential price ranges people would pay for a 1911 slide sized billet.

I am looking at about $400 for a 1911 slide sized billet, but would be happy to offer discounts to those that can provide high quality photo's of the finished item and assembled weapon and provide us permission to use for promotional purposes.

Your feedback is appreciated.