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some observations
« on: December 10, 2015, 05:40:34 AM »
Having never worked with any of this technology before, I made use of one of these jigs. I noticed a few things.

 One, maybe offering a base that engages into the slots on the table of a mill would be an improvement. More rigidity, and less setup to check whether or not you're true with your axes.

 It seems like the 1/8 bit is a little tough to set at 1.90. I initially set mine at 1.997, totalling 1.249 plus the plate thickness. I have a set of collets and a tool holder. It seems that the 3 is to small, and the 3.5 just too large to hold an eighth bit securely.

 My brother opted for a three flute cutter (ZRN?) With a slight radius instead the supplied cutter. It seemed to cut much more quietly, quicker, and with less load. I don't really know what I'm doing, so I hope I can make it last a while.

 The trigger slot plate makes life easier, but I had to mill without pre-drilling. My guess is Charlie did the same thing, since I could not find an L bit anywhere in my shop, nor does any store in town seem to be aware of such a thing.

 For all the criticism, the jig works splendidly. I managed to complete the whole job without fouling up, having never operated a mill before. I did have to shoot from the hip in the rear pin recess a little. I had to let that area out a tad for the boss on the upper to fully seat.

 I will likely be introducing myself shortly in the machine shop thread.